Naomi Campbell Banned from British Airways
Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 06:55 k
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How can someone so beautiful be so ugly? Oh Naomi, how big a jerk do you have to be to get banned from an entire airline…for life?

Yes, in case you don’t keep up with the goings on of supermodels and haven’t heard, Naomi was arrested at London’s Heathrow airport for allegedly spitting in some cop’s face after going off on the flight staff. They took her off the plane in handcuffs.

Her people claim that pre-saliva, she was asked to leave the plane because…something about a missing bag. I don’t know, and I wish I didn’t care.

I just hope I never come face to face with that crazy in a dark alley or anywhere near an airplane.



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Didn’t she just get done doing community service for some other altercation with law enforcement? Geez – some people just never learn. I hear she’s playing the race card too. Being a jerk knows no ethnicity.

Comment by sneaux

[…] and airplanes…the saga continues. With only a week separating us from Naomi Campbell’s recent melee with British Airways, The Daily Mail is reporting that Kate Moss’ luggage has gone missing! On the same airline! […]

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