Heidi Montag for Anchor Blue: A Stain on Los Angeles
Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 09:18 k
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First, I think I should apologize for the amount of coverage Threadtrend has been giving Heidi Montag. It’s weird because I don’t even watch The Hills, and I think all those girls are beneath the dignity of our fantastic fashion blog, but, of course, I’ve always been fascinated with fake, fleeting fame. It’s sort of my thing. From an anthropological perspective, of course.

Now that I’ve formally apologized, I want to discuss this ad. If Wikipedia is correct, then Heidi is from Colorado, not LA. And as a life-long resident of Los Angeles and a defender of this great city, I have to say that I detest when it’s depicted this way. “Lalaland!” Shut the fuck up. We have a lot more to offer than palm trees and a silly transplant like Heidi–where does she get off representing Hollywood ?!?!?

Or, excuse me, Heidiwood.

Is the pink car a reference to Angelyne? If so, Anchor Blue should have tagged that blonde for the spokesperson job. At least then this whole campaign would have a fighting chance.

Yeah, sorry, I don’t know why I let a reality tv star get me so hopping mad.


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