Top 10 Things I Learned From America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 10, Episode 6
Wednesday, April 2, 2008, 08:16 k
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If you think only dumb girls watch America’s Next Top Model, you’re wrong. Actually, ANTM is a cesspool of knowledge. Here’s what I learned this week:

1. Whitney’s got a plus-size chip on her shoulder.

2. Top Model is really just a Sprint commercial with prizes.

3. Bright yellow skirted bikinis aren’t for everyone. Oh, Lauren…sigh.

4. Speaking of Laurnen, she’s got a shitty personality and a walk to match.

5. You should always do a test run before you jump face first onto a hard plastic surface.

6. It ain’t the Year of the Rat! It’s the Year of the Biaaaaaatch! From Claire to Paulina.

7. Fatima is too beautiful and too graceful for Top Model.

8. Paulina’s not a fan of “weird European tackiness.” Hmmph. I LOVE it.

9. I would really hate it if someone thought Lauren had more potential than me at anything. The humiliation.

10. There is a god–they told Claire to beat it!


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Excellent, this years episode is really getting tensed..I’ve learnt alot more about myself since i started watching the programme..Go on tyra

Comment by Girls footwear

as the years go on, i seriously want to kick myself so sticking with this show for such a long time. tyra is starting to slowly suck my soul away.

Comment by hellojupiter

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