Prada’s “Trembled Blossom”: An inspiring way to start the work week
Monday, March 31, 2008, 12:49 k
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If you haven’t already viewed Prada’s amazing Trembled Blossom, the time is now. Words cannot express how much I love and respect this project. Trembled Blossom is a 4-minute animated film spawned out of a flower and nymph drawing done by L.A. illustrator, James Jean. Apparently, Muccia Prada was so taken by Jean’s creation he did for a store wall that she based her entire Spring 08 collection on it! (I knew there was something special about this collection when I wrote on it last year) Trembled Blossom soon followed, displaying some of the Spring 08 looks.

The film, directed by L.A’s James Lima surrounds the nymph who, in the beginning, emerges nude from the center of a flower which has been punctured by a humming bird. As she walks, two vibrant crabs (get your head out the gutter) inch toward the nymph’s feet, turning into a pair of the now famous tulip heels (Brilliant!) After a fish morphs into the gorgeous color-blocked striped purse (yes it gets better!), the nymph is covered in the shocking Red and Royal plaid calf-length dress.

This all for the love of art and, of course, selling beautiful clothes. Prada had me at hello and always keeps me begging for more! Trembled Blossom is so visually stimulating and, for me, almost calming. I’ve watched it dozens of times now, yet it’s still the perfect start to a hectic work week!

Check out the film at blossoms

-Camille L.


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I love this campaign too. Amazing.

Have you spent quality time in the Soho flagship store???

Love your website ps.

Comment by Bobby

Shop Prada and give to your favorite nonprofit group at:
It makes all those pretty shoes guilt free…Enjoy!

Comment by Mire

good work. haven’t seen the campaign.

Comment by sally

prada is the best!
prada sneakers

Comment by trendystep

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