Agyness Deyn does Reebok Freestyle. Perfect!
Wednesday, March 26, 2008, 07:37 k
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Our Everyone’s fave model Agyness Deyn was busy shooting the European launch of the Reebok Freestyle Cities collection yesterday. When’s the last time we had a real life super model that so perfectly represents a young, unique generation? It’s been a while, that’s how long. She’s a breath of fresh air in her classic high tops. We love her because you know she already owns this outfit and was like “Can I just wear these out after the shoot to go meet Jeremy?”, like when my mom used to take me to Payless to buy White dress shoes and I’d say “can I wear them now? Please!”

We’ve already told you how much we like a Reebok throwback (exhibit A, B, C, and D); And how much we equally dig Agyness (exhibit A, B, C, and D and way more) so this marriage gets Threadtrend’s official blessing. Other cool girls at the shoot included Spanish singer and model Bimba Bose, DJ Nikki Beatnik and French singer Yelle.

On a side note, lately I’ve been really conscious of my entering into my late twenties and, thus, have been a bit freclempt as to what style addictions I should be weaning myself off of. Unfortunately bright high tops like these still make me feel all good on the inside…. What’s a poor (no, really, I don’t have much money) 26 year old girl to do with the multiple pairs of bright tennis in her closet when she’s feeling all grown up?

I’ve decided to pair my neon bright and uber-graphic kicks with the following ensembles for Spring:

1. Head to Toe white with Silver jewelry and a nice leather bag.

2. Blazers turned into vests with slouchy shorts, tanks, and semi precious stone necklaces and bracelets.

3. A Black tuxedo blazer with rolled sleeves with ethnic print pencil skirts, V-necks, and hammered Gold jewelry.

I WILL NOT wear my kicks with hoodies of any sort or skinny jeans (unless they’re White in which case I’ll be referring to ensemble #1)…. Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system.

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-Camille L.


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Comment by LOUIE

I don’t read anywhere in the article about her having a contract with reebok, I’m pretty sure if that was the case it would have mentioned it, and you don’t have to make it clear that it was a one day event, the article does that itself.

Chill out and take that reebok out your ass.

Comment by billy bob saget

Hey, its DJ NIKKI Beatnik. I am the London Freestyle chick. I like your page and I like your style from what I read above that you will be rocking freestyles with. I love the Neons too, they will look great in the summer (if we get any in London) with a tan and lots of jewels 🙂 Well done on the site. Its great

Comment by DJ NIKKI Beatnik

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