What I learned this week on America’s Next Top Model. Cycle 10, Episode 5
Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 08:33 k
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Don’t think ANTM is educational? Au contraire. This week I replaced real, important, knowledge with these tidbits:

1. Marvita’s got issues. So little orphan Annie.

2. Whitney’s makeover made her look like a Poison groupie. Hey, that’s better than saying she looks like Anna Nicole.

3. It sounds really stupid when you say “The Vogue.” Vogue is a verb, Dominique. Duh.

4. Vendella has become a z-list model veteran. Sorry.

5. If you talk about yourself in the third person, you’re bananas. That means you, “The Dominique.”

6. “My best friend is black” is never a good comeback when someone accuses you of racism.

7. Tyra is a sadist who just thought it would be funny to make Claire look like Susan Powter .

8. The panel loves to question how dedicated the models are. Like a cult.

9. Paulina is a spitfire. Did you see the way she was taunting Vendella?

10. Poor Marvita.



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Holy shit!!! I just laughed (and still am) so hard! So funny!!!

I love love love #6. that line is the best thing to happen to me ever, as well as #8

whenever i get sad im gonna read this post. too funny

Comment by tvondvdcritic

i haven’t been really watching the show this season i always forget… even when it started..
oh well, i see why jejeje


Comment by ella

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