Oh Jesus, Lindsay! Lohan Gets into the Leggings Business
Friday, March 14, 2008, 11:10 k
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Fashion Binge has some lame news for us: Lindsay Lohan is doing a line of leggings. The obvious question, of course, is why? Lohan says it’s going to be a while before they come out, which seems like a dumb move. I mean, it’s a dumb move anyway, but in a couple of months, Lindsay might be just a bittersweet memory.


*** Update: In a couple of months leggings will also be just a memory…. Oh wait, they already are….  Way to be edgy, Lindsay!

-Camille L


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jajajajaja :p ll sucks**

Comment by ella

Are you sure that’s not Tara Reid in the photo?

Comment by Anonymous

Does she have a name for them yet? What about Lo-Hos?

Not terribly surprising, seeing as she lives in them. (Can somebody please tell her that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!?)

Comment by trendinista

Lindsay Lohan + leggings = a disgrace to real fashion designers everywhere.

But it looks like leggings will be around for another year at least. Even the fall lines sport leggings, just in ever-increasing colors and textures. It’s such a huge trend because it’s the one affordable-for-anyone accessory.

Comment by SusanRenee

Is it true that she is making leggings that have knee pads in them? A few of my friends told me that. hehehehe It wouldn’t surprise me.

Comment by notafan

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