Nicholas Ghesquiere hates hip hop: Kanye denied entry to Balenciaga show?
Monday, March 3, 2008, 03:53 k
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***** Dear Threadtrenders: Yesterday I made the GRAVE mistake of crediting Elber Albaz as the designer for Balenciaga when the proper head of design is, as we all know, Nicholas Ghesquiere. AND the worst part is I referenced Fall 2009, not Fall 2008. AAAAAHHHHH!!! It was a crazy day yesterday and I apologize for the mistake. I guess my head wasn’t all there yesterday. But, hey, even the most perfect of us make mistakes right:) ! Thanks for calling me out on that, Fashion’s Darling.
According to Bossip Kanye West and his fiance, Alexis Phifer, were denied seats at the recent Balenciaga Fall 2008 show in Paris due to his “hip hop” image. Surprisingly, Kanye’s response to this was very mature and, dare I say, rational. Considering that Kanye and Alexis have become regular fashion week attendees simply because they love fashion, I think this is ludicrous. What do you guys think?
-Camille L.

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I think Kanye’s prettier than his fiance.

Comment by James

Doe Nicholas Ghesquiére really need any more admirers?

Comment by Marcus

1. Nicholas Ghesquiére is the designer for Balenciaga. Alber Elbaz is behind Lanvin

2. It’s the Fall 2008 shoes as the Fall 2009 season hasn’t even approached yet.

3. surprised that knaye didn’t go on about race and discrimination. Kudos!

Comment by Fashion's Darling

shows** not shoes

Comment by Fashion's Darling

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