Ali Michael Used to Be Skinny, and NOW Look at Her!
Friday, February 29, 2008, 06:00 k
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Have you heard about this? Apparently, 17-year old Ali Michael, a runway model who had a lot of success during previous fashion week seasons, can’t get work now because she gained 5 pounds. Well, that’s at least what her mother is claiming in the Wall Street Journal.

There she is above at the John Galliano show in spring 2008. And here’s she is now after slopping on the weight, at Yohji Yamamoto in Paris recently:


Yohji practically has her in a muumuu! Yeah, what a porker!

Lot’s of people agree that this skinny model thing is getting out of hand, including Nina Gaaaarcia, who thinks the models are getting skinnier and skinnier. Even the Parisians are freaking out:

“If you look at the girls, they are not beautiful like models were 20 years ago,” says Jimmy Pihet, spokesman for the Federation Française de la Couture, which oversees Paris fashion shows. “The girls are thin, they have strange faces. … At first, you look at them and you’re not sure if they’re beautiful or disgusting.”




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ali is a wonderful girl

Comment by heather

God. what a SERIOUS tub o’ lard. i mean REALLY! you can’t just send a freaking HOSS down the runway! THE HUMANITY!

Comment by tamron

you have got to be kidding me. Ali is a great model and person. Obviously you weigh more then her and your jealous. She is NOT fat and your mental if you think she is.

Comment by lily

No, you brain surgeon, I weigh only 75 pounds, so I’m waaaaaaay thinner than that porker!

It’s called SARCASM. Learn it.

Comment by threadtrend

[…] a lot of evidence otherwise, I’m hoping that fashion is about to enter a woman phase. I think Agyness Deyn is an […]

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lol ya she is fat. and ugly too! look at her.

Comment by cindy

do you have mental problems? seriously, she can’t be thinier and you’re saying she is fat?!!?!?

Comment by rfew

Ali Michael is about as fat as Elton John is heterosexual. What the hell is wrong with the fashion industry, seriously? They should encourage models to be healthy looking, like Ali. Instead, they’re supposed to look like they were just released from a Nazi death-camp. I feel bad for models and the standards they have to live up to.

Comment by Monique

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