Ossie Clark revival at London Fashion Week Fall 2008: I have mixed emotions


OK I know this is over 2 weeks old now but it’s so fitting to Threadtrend, I had to make sure we talked about it. Besides Vogue is just now talking about it in their March 08 issue, too. The infamous Ossie Clark label was resurrected on Feb. 11th at London Fashion week under new Creative Director Avshalom Gur.

Gur has a very tough legacy to follow considering Ossie Clark was THE clothing and textile designer of the 60’s. His Maxi dresses and floral prints have been copied for decades and people still hope to score his pieces til this day. Lord knows it’s still a life goal of mine. Right now on ebay you can buy an original Ossie Clark blouse for $225 or a dress for $500.

old-ossie-2.jpg old-ossie-3.jpgold-ossie1.jpg

Vintage Ossie Clark

When I saw photos from the Fall 2008 show I was…. Confused. Some pieces really excited me while others just looked like filler pieces that a Project Runway judge would call boring. Nina Gaaarcia would say “There’s not enough cohesion” and Michael Kors would say “You know, she’s like a 60’s harlot who goes from the whore house to the office and she has nothing else to put on but this Red coat”.


Ofcourse the voluminous shear puffy dresses are my faves as well as the wide leg pants and mixed media sweaters. But the designer’s take on tailoring and suiting just doesn’t fit. I know Ossie Clark was known earlier on for the dresses and pretty florals and later added tailoring to the equation but it’s like Avshalom Gur felt the need to squeeze it all in just in-case this is the first and last Ossie Clark revival line. I think a better technique may have been to breed the iconic prints with the tailoring to create adorable floral or psychedelic-print jackets and skirts. Just my opinion. What do you guys think?

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-Camille L.


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I have a lot of hope for the revival. I don’t think the first show is necessarily indicative of future direction. Come visit my blog and click the Ossie Clark tag for lots of Ossie stuff.

Comment by WendyB

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