What’s Worse: Anchor Blue or Heidi Montag?
Thursday, February 14, 2008, 05:00 k
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The last time I shopped at Anchor Blue, it was still Miller’s Outpost, and I was buying acid wash Levis for an 8th grade Disneyland trip. Ah, remember that fantastic 80’s western decor and the saloon style dressing room doors? Memories…

But all good things must end, and eventually some genius decided that “Anchor Blue” was more appealing that good old Miller’s. Except it wasn’t, and the company is in big trouble now. So, of course, they’re calling in Heidi Montag to save the day.

Wait!!! Say WHAT?

Yeah, you heard right. This company actually believes Montag is going to keep them from dying a slow painful death, and they’ve allowed her to “create” (yeah, sure) a line called “Heidiwood.” No joke.

She’s contracted to do 3 collections total, and she’s expected to appeal to the magical and impulsive 16-21 year old demographic. Well, I’m certainly not 21, so maybe that’s why I don’t get this AT ALL.

Honestly, what is the point of this girl, and why has a fashion school dropout been given this opportunity? Is it just me, or is she, like, the opposite of fashion?

Heidi, go back to school, and stop trying to be famous.

–V. Thread


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What’s up with the blond robot folding jeans?

Comment by Trendinista

…Who is Heidi Montag? I’m turning 21 and I definitely don’t know…

Comment by Jessica

[…] fans, I know you’ve all been waiting, and it’s finally here: the second installment of Heidiwood for Anchor Blue! You know, that totally appropriate clothing line aimed at 16-21 year […]

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