Angyness is Officially a Supermodel.
Thursday, February 14, 2008, 11:43 k
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They say the Age of the Supermodel has passed, but Agyness Deyn just ain’t hearing it. Because only a supermodel can wear antlers, an eye patch and a veil without looking like a complete idiot/lunatic.

Hell, I don’t even think Cindy Crawford could have pulled this off. Maybe Linda Evangelista.

UPDATE: I just read that she wore the patch because she has pink eye! I guess it was running rampant this year.

– -V.Thread


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Ooooh, the guys from Fall Out Boy are gonna love this!

Comment by trendinista

It takes a lot more to become a supermodel than just wearing that getup. Agnes needs to become a household name first. And with that curveless body, I highly doubt it will ever be possible. There wont be true supermodels again until the fashion world changes its strange obsession with ultra-thin, boyish-looking girls.

Comment by Antonio

I think it’s more about aura and image, Antonio.

Comment by deLiLah

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