New York Fashion Week Fall 2008 RTW: Sonic Youth Plays Marc Jacobs
Monday, February 11, 2008, 05:00 k
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Sonic Youth, one of my favorite bands of all time, played the Marc Jacobs Fall 08 show. And while I know that the world changes, and everything good eventually gets co-opted, re-packaged and resold for way more than you paid the first time around, this just makes me feel WEIRD.

I get that Marc is trying to rack up the punk points to make up for all the shenanigans he’s been pulling lately (namely the blue hair), and I’m not saying that Marc doesn’t have a certain amount of cred (Kim Gordon is a long time fan), but did he have to commemorate the moment with a tote bag ?!?!?


Jesus Christ. Please don’t let them start selling these at Marc Jacobs’ stores nationwide. I couldn’t take it, and I might very well get arrested if they become a full-fledged trend.

The worst part about all this is that Victoria Beckham and Kevin Federline (!), two people who shouldn’t even be allowed to lay eyes on the likes of Kim Gordon, were in the audience. Predictably the Spice Girl really liked them, saying “I didn’t listen to them before, but now I might start.” Please! She didn’t listen to them before because she had no idea they even existed. But now that Marc has stamped them with his approval…

Sweet Thurson Moore! What’s next?

–V. Thread.

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“Jesus Christ. Please don’t let them start selling these at Marc Jacobs’ stores nationwide.”


Comment by trendinista

I can so see those bags in the Marc Jacobs accessory store on Bleecker St. where all the trinkets are sold!!!

Comment by Haute Concept

It made me a little sick in my tummy to! I just figured it was all somehow richard prince related. The tote bag is kind of gross.

Comment by heather

Hey! Don’t hate on my Posh! K-fed is the one that needs to bazounce out of the audience.

Comment by Secretista

But this is SONIC YOUTH. Posh shouldn’t be in the same room. And at Threadtrend, 95% of the time were hating on the Posh.

It’s just our way.

Comment by threadtrend

Pettibone should come out with his own tote/messenger bags with his prints on them. I’d love to have a tote bag with the album cover art from “What Makes a Man Start Fires?” by the Minutemen

Comment by Blip

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