Bay Area Street style: Kanan Kids
Thursday, February 7, 2008, 01:03 k
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2 weeks ago I expressed my frustration after returning from a San Francisco trip with not one photo of good Bay area street style. I was dissapointed in the lack of creative style from the local scenesters. I asked our Bay area Threadtrend readers to prove me wrong and send photos of their unique style or that of their neighbors and I got a whopping 1 response!

A reader e-mailed us about where you can find photos of young bay area/LA scenesters hangin out and, from the looks of things, doing a lot of thrift scoring.  Nice vintage coats and headwear ladies.  Thanks E.Q!

I need more people! More! Hit us up at

-Camille L.


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San Francisco style is horrible with the exception of the re-occurring people on kanankids. I’m always looking at what the girl 2nd from the right is wearing. Her shit’s always dope.

Comment by samantha rocha

I’m not one to comment, but I just had to on this one-I’m from this area (If I went to public school I’d go to theirs, that’s my bookstore, I drive down those streets daily, the list goes on and on) and these “inspirational” kanan kids aren’t anything more than bored kids in the suburbs with too much money, too much time, and a camera. Sure, some of their clothes are cute, but they’re no different than any other kids attempting to be cooler than they actually are. The egotism out here is incredible,and this site is just more proof of how everyone here thinks they’re so incredibly important, and that I need to get out of here as soon as I can…

Comment by Clare

Hi Clare. The thing is that I totally agree with you. This was my whole purpose of writing on this. I was just out there and was totally dissapointed in what I saw and it contradicts everything that Bay Area “scenesters” say about their style. That’s why I’ve been waiting (for, like, over a month now) to see some real, timeless, original style. Thanks for reading!!
-Camille L.

Comment by threadtrend

I hope you don’t feel my comment was attacking you, it was just my general frustration with the “scene” style that has lately taken over my community. I’m with you on the lack of originality, and wish I could offer some resource for real style (the sartorialist is the only place I sometimes find creative outfits). Anyways I hope you find some original style and share it with us, and I really do enjoy reading your site!

Comment by Clare

I went to school with the kanankids .. they’re style is super inspirational, but the lives they lead really aren’t.

Comment by bindy

Wow it sucks no one knows anyone cool in the bay area. sounds like a personal problem, not a problem with the bay. also, you’re probably not being a tourist in the right places if you can’t see anyone stylish on the street.

Comment by waffle

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