Kate Moss’ 34th Birthday Party. Snorsville.
Thursday, January 17, 2008, 11:40 k
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We really wanted to write something about Kate Moss‘ 34th birthday, but when we saw the pictures, we were like “eh.” Even she looks like she’d rather be home sleeping–she’s even wearing her jammies. Jesus, she looks miserable, which is hard to be when you’re wasted.

Well, in her defense, her guest of honor was Kelly Osbourne, and there’s nothing exciting about that. Face paint or no face paint, feather boa or no feather boa.


All that said, our favorite former waif’s birthday “bash” is momentous for but one reason: it’s undeniable proof that coke has officially become BOR-ING. Time to throw away your baby spoons, kids.

–V. Thread

Update: Manuel Paul and I did the math, and maybe she’s all doldrums because in catwalk years, 34 is like 75.


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