Project Runway:Santino Rice Sighting
Monday, January 14, 2008, 10:59 k
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So, the other day I was sitting in a parking lot in South Pasadena, when who should I see skulking around? Santino! I can’t be sure, but I think he was coming out a Osh, that home improvement store. He had a Starbucks in hand and a woman, who I believe was his mother, at his side. They got into an SUV.

The sighting sparked my interest enough to look up his blog, but after reading it for five seconds I wanted to barf (much like I did when I saw this picture). So, I stopped.

–V. Thread


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I hated Santino! So nice to see someone else shares my quesy feeling.

Comment by tvondvdcritic

You’re a liar. This post is purely fictional. If you hate Santino so much, why are you talking about him? Oh right, he’s FUCKING AWESOME, that’s why!
F- You, Santino Rulez!

Comment by Rebecca

@ ReBitcha,
How is it a lie, Craptino is real and he does go shopping, Why not say he was at Osh. If its you think its a lie because its seems unreal, than you do a background on who you praise.
And If you are a fan of santino and you sound like an Obniouxiouse Frat pig, By saying ” santino is Fucking awesome” and ” HE fucken RULES” than you must be 13 years old and its another reason why I, along with many others, hate him. or you must be santino Himself, I don’t think anyone would give someone that mediocre that much Praise.
He just won a stupid fashion competition, Any self respecting designer would not think twice about going on a dumb show like that, if you are a true designer, than you don’t need any help from HEidi, You’d do it on your own.

Comment by billy bob saget

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