Shopgirl Helps Me Forget My So-Called Life. Thankfully.
Friday, January 11, 2008, 02:07 k
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I’ve never been a big Claire Danes fan, mostly because I found My So Called Life utterly repulsive. While everyone else gushed over its “edgyness,” I found Angela Chase’s angsty teen persona and the matching wardrobe so calculated and outdated. So ABC’s attempt to co-opt Grunge and repackage it in cute, grumpy girl form.

But that’s all changed now.

I now have a place in my pop culture heart for Danes and, ironically, it is the wardrobe of Shopgirl that has turned me. It’s polished, vintage-inspired, and immaculately detailed.


Costumer Nancy Steiner did a bang-up job, which isn’t too surprising considering she was also responsible for The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Elizabethtown (bad movie, good clothes) and Reality Bites. She’s a genius at matching a film’s costumes to its tone.
So, Claire, you have Nancy to thank for the fact that I like you now. Send her a nice note.





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Oh geez I just adore shopgirl. For whatever reason I just cried and cried and then wanted to go and get a very plain jane looking watch.

Comment by heather

[…] Claire Danes’ Shopgirl wardrobe makes her more palatable. […]

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I’ve seen Shopgirl many times, and break a tear every time I get to the scene where he’s making some pathetic excuse for “writing her” his stupid note, instead of having the balls to tell her in person that he cheated on her. When he gets to the part where he admits to telling her he “thought it would be okay”, I’m throwing things at my TV.

At first, I thought it was a lame excuse for a movie, but after watching it several times, realized it to be much more. It’s blatantly cruel (but hopsefully an eye opener) in it’s glorification of how some men totally use and abuse a woman’s emotions and heart, let alone her body. I loved Claire Danes in Little Women, as she lights up any screen with that gorgeous skin and innocent look about her.

However, considering the brutal way in which Ray Porter deliberately chose to use Mirabelle for purely selfish reasons, it appears to me that Steve Martin wrote and starred in such a movie for one reason: his own ego. Being a man over 50, it was his last chance to see a young beautiful woman naked, and on the big screen no less where he could be forever envied by his middle aged cronies as proof that he actually DID. After all, this movie WAS based on his own story.

Steve Martin should stick to comedies.

Comment by MW in FLorida

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