Project Runway Episode 7: Christian Gets All Human
Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 11:54 k
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Tonight’s episode of Project Runway finally got my adrenaline running. It was the prom episode, and it was good. The best part about it was the crazy Catholic school girl (above), who terrorized Christian with her precociousness.

She was out of control, but he should be thankful because much like Hillary Clinton tearing up the other day, it was really good for America to see Christian in distress.

And as with Clinton, it made him seem more human and likable. And that’s no easy feat:


As for the winners and losers, Victorya won and out went Kevin, who deserved it for dressing that poor 16 year old like a tired hooker with a sloppy hem.

-V. Thread


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I think Sweet P got robbed. I liked her dress much more than Victorya’s. I didnt get her whole bedazzled neckline. Also, am I the only one who likes Ricky? Every week he’s in the bottom 3 and every week I like his look.

Comment by tvondvdcritic

Hell no, you’re not the only one who likes Ricky. Just last week I was praising his crybaby ways! I love crybabies and I’m not being facetious! He’s adorable, but his dress last night? Eek!

Comment by threadtrend

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