M.I.A. for Marc Jacobs Spring 08 Ad Campaign. A Call to Arms: The Facial Hair Revolution Begins and I Love It.
Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 11:11 k
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We already reported on M.I.A. posing for Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Spring 08 ads, but this latest one is worth mentioning because it’s revolutionary. REVOLUTIONARY, I say, because there is actual facial hair present in this photo. Facial hair! And I love, love, love it.

I am of the fuzzy faze persuasion myself, but unlike M.I.A., I’ve succumb to societal pressures with a hideous mixture of constant waxing, plucking and god knows what else since I was 13. And as years have passed and popular culture has become more and more disgusted with natural hair growth, I’ve been more vigilant.

That said, I’ve often dreamed of a day when a little fuzz would be acceptable, hating myself for not being more daring more accepting of my own ethnically induced furriness. I’ve gazed at Frida Kahlo portraits and wondered “when, Frida, when?!”

And now in waltzes M.I.A., the coolest and certainly one of the sexiest girls of the moment with a hairy jawline ready to save the day. And that Marc Jacobs! I’m shocked he could be so accepting. How punk.

Hairy-faced girls, put down the Nads, it’s the dawning of a new day.


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[…] M.I.A. for Marc Jacobs. A Call to Arms: The Facial Hair Revolution Begins and I Love It. […]

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This made me so happy! Maybe I’ll keep the moustache.

Comment by kane!

when will we break free from our chains!? great post.

Comment by ginamarr

Wait, where does she have facial hair? I don’t see anything…majorly confused.

Comment by Imani C. Davis


Yeah, I had to shrink the picture to make it fit, so it’s not so clear. If you see the ad in print, it’s pretty noticeable around the upper jawline.

Comment by threadtrend

I happened upon this entry when doing a search for Frida Kahlo, the beautiful queen of uni-brow. It just so happens, on a slightly different note, that the Frida Kahlo Corporation recently sold her name to a cosmetics company that will launch a line of Frida Kahlo cosmetics.

I have mixed feelings about this. Some of the Frida Kahlo color photographs I’ve seen depict her wearing lipstick and rouge. She obviously used makeup for certain occasions. Riviera’s idea?
Maybe or maybe not. She wore it and she looked lovely, I think. On the other hand, would she have wanted her name associated with an America line of cosmetics? Hmmmm.


Comment by Gina

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so what! she has a stache! she’s not the only female in the world that does. m.i.a is acturally prettier than u think! why are u all hating? she’s done nothing wrong.

Comment by imogen


omg. relax! We’re applauding her facial hair and the fact that she doesn’t rip it off her face.

Jesus! Did you even read the post? And trust me, i have more facial hair than MIA could ever dream of.

Comment by threadtrend

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