Word of advice: The lost Hermes scarf


I recently thrift scored an Hermes Black rectangular scarf most-likely from the 80’s or early 90’s and I’m 99% the puppy was real.

I use the word ‘was’ because I recently sold it, and for what now seems like pennies in light of Vogue Magazine’s January 2008 report on the Marquis De Lafayette scarf designed by Kermit Oliver and displayed at the New York Historical Society’s “French Founding Fathers.”  This prompted me to do a little research on the larger-than-life Hermes scarf world.

Hermes began scarf production and a cult following in the 1930s by commissioning artists from around the world to create beautiful prints on the highest quality silk, using up to 30 different screens! Sites like House of Scarves provide an extensive list of some of the scarves produced throughout the last 50 years.

I also learned that second-hand Hermes scarves can sell anywhere between 250($369)-1000($1478) euros!! While I did not find my scarf on House of Scarves, I’m sure it’ll pop up somewhere like on e-bay with 57 bids currently at $624 or something ridiculous like that!

So what did I learn from all of this?… Do your research. The next time you come across a designer gem, take a little google time and you might discover you’re sitting on your next rent check!!

-Camille L


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It breaks my heart to hear you sold that scarf. I’m totally crushed that you sold it for such little money 😦

It is amazing how much those scarves keep their value over time.

Comment by geekigirl

Thanks so much geekigirl for y our empathy. Lesson learned, that’s all I can say

Camille L

Comment by threadtrend

I missed the Vogue article on the Lafayette Scarf. I wrote one too:

My condolences for the loss of a wonderful “find.”

I wept for days after selling a pair of Ferragamo leopard-print flats…

Comment by Pollyvousfrancais

Hi Pollyvousfrancais,

I love your blog. It’s nice to meet people who think along the same lines as us. Thanks for your empathy. And don’t worry, after a few months of therapy, you’ll forget all about those Ferragamos.

Camille L.

Comment by threadtrend

HI, I have been searching all over the web for a directory or some way to identify the 2 herme scarves i have found at a thrift shop. But no real luck. the house of scarves was very helpful but the 2 scarves i have were not listed.Do you have any ideas i would be thankful for any info
you could offer.
Ellen P.

Comment by Ellen

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I haven’t found another site like this. Sorry. If I do, I’ll update the post.


Comment by threadtrend

Hi ,

My name is Lee and ive just registered on this forum so i thought id say hi !



Comment by Superleeroy

Here’s a link to another guide.

Comment by Syl

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