Project Runway Episode 6: Elisa is Out, Rami is In. I’m Just Bored.

Is it just me or is Project Runway just snorsville this season? Usually, this far into the competition, I have strong feelings of love or hate for everyone, but this year…even Michael Kors and Nnnnnina Garrrrcia are letting me down.

Okay, it’s not all bad. I do have affection for Ricky because I love crybabies (nothing wrong with a few tears) and Jillian because, well, last night she wore rainbow suspenders and didn’t look like Mork. The others though? Eh.

Last night was a (yawn) candy competition, meaning the designers had to run into the Time Square Hershey store and snatch up anything they could in, like, 5 minutes and “make it work.” The results were predictable, and the bad was so, so, bad. Here they are (the loser is top row center, the winner bottom row center).


I really hope things pick up because Project Runway has the capacity to bring me great pleasure, and what with the writer’s strike, the pickings are slim in TV land.

C’mon, Michael and Nina, say something super-bitchy already.

–V. Thread

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