Britney, if you’re pregnant again can we be your stylist?


Fact #1: Britney Spears may be pregnant again. Fact #2: Britney Spears is a bad dresser. Fact #3: Britney Spears is a bazillionaire. So why not pay threadtrend to style her for her alleged 3rd pregnancy?

I know, I know. The real question is could America’s favorite unfit mother really be pregnant again? and why haven’t we all agreed to increase taxes to pay for her tubes to be tied. NME reports that according to In Touch Weekly she’s prego AGAIN by music producer, JR Rotem

I’m not even going to get all excited about the speculation and delve into how unfair it is that Britney’s kids, present and future, have a mother who’s too cheap to get proper hair extensions and underwear. No, instead, I’d like to pitch to Ms. Spears a nine month contract to style her during her alleged pregnancy. We can start by shopping A Pea in the Pod’s online store. They’ve got some really cute stuff right now. There’s no excuse for Britney to look like she shops at the Salvation Army (not in the good way) just because she’s pregnant, especially when her bank account has more zeros than her fan club.

Check out a few of my A Pea in the Pod faves:

A Promotional visit to TRL look

Supervised visit with the kids look, pearls non-optional.

Your try-to-win-K-fed back look

A meeting with your new publicist look

A weekend shopping look

-Camille L


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