Thriftscore: Getting in step with S/S 08 in vintage shoes
Tuesday, November 27, 2007, 10:42 k
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Oh, thrifting, how I love thee! With me being a 18 year veteran at the art of bargain hunting and vintage clothing outings, I know where to get the deals and where to Find great vintage garments for next to nothing. Since the thrift stores I go to are So cheap(and in the Ghetto) Its easy to spend a lot and get a lot. Its also cheap to take chances with Questionable merchandise. Like this for example:

Thriftscore #1: 

These black and white wingtip shoe-boots from the late 80’s. When V-thread and I set our eye’s on these, we scratched our head about them. So just for fun, I tried them on, and to our surprise, they worked! I put them on magic happened,It was as if I turned into some Rock-a-billy Cinderella. Our eyes lit up, and we both new that 5.95 was so worth it.

Thriftscore find #2:

I found these on an outing a month ago. These white perffed leather shoes have such a big personality. At a glance they are shy and humble, but just like any other “questionable” shoe, you try it on and the pizazz happens. They are so comfortable and only cost $3.95 . I know These are going to be my favorite shoes for S/S 08.

So when you are out and about thrifting, don’t second guess the shoes that strike you automatically. Go with your gut instinct, I promise, your gut has some of the best Fashion advice.

-Manuel Paul


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