The Perfect Holiday Gift: Hair Wars


Before you go fighting in the malls, consider buying Hair Wars for everyone on your list…well, everyone with style anyway. Everyone’s loving on this book, and it’s easy to see why. It rules!

After catching a show at the Apollo Theater in New York, David Yellen and Johanna Lelander documented the famous Hair Wars US tour between 2004 and 2006. The result is this spectacular book filled with 74 amazing photographs of this modern art form.

Hair Wars started in Detroit in 1991 and is brainchild of promoter David Humphries (a.k.a Hump the Grinder). According to the Metro Times, Humphries has done a lot to keep Hair Wars pure and respected–he’s even turned down opportunities to do reality shows because they were too exploitive and wanted footage of the stylists arguing and acting foolish. He says that’s not what it’s about. What it is about is passion, glamour and showmanship.

Here’s a taste:


So hot!

Oh, and remember when they did the Hair Wars photo shoot in America’s Next Top Model. I do!


They even made those awful twins look interesting, or “fierce.” Take a walk down ANTM memory lane at Zap to It.

-V. Thread


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[…] Hair Wars makes our top holiday gift list, and we want to know more about. […]

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U-G-L-Y!!!!!! She aint got no alby! She ugly!!!

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