I Don’t Want No Ordinary Guys Coming on Strong With Me: Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2
Monday, November 5, 2007, 08:29 k
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Here’s the thing, I firmly believe that Grease 2 is the better of the Greases. It’s possible I think this because I saw the sequel before the original, but still, to this day, I prefer the Michelle Pfeiffer/Maxwell Caulfield vehicle. You know, kind of like how some people love Miller Lite even after they taste New Castle? But Grease 2 is WAY better than piss beer.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Stephanie Zinone is so cool, tough and gorgeous in this movie, and the phase “Olivia Newton who?” comes to my head when I see her in that black jean and v-neck sweater combo. Look at the boots. She dazzles me. And if for some reason you haven’t had the pleasure, please watch what, I believe most people would deem the best memorable Zinone moment of the movie. Here she is singing “Cool Rider.”



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