The Murakami Show Opens at MOCA and Everyone Goes Kookoo Bananas for Ugly Louis Vuitton Bags
Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 06:30 k
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The Takashi Murakami show just opened at Museum of Contemporary Art on Monday and now, of course, everyone’s going insane for these limited edition Murakami Louis Vuitton bags:

The LA Times Reports the MOCA has been swamped with frantic calls from people who just have to have this Neverfull Totes. And perhaps forgetting that they are, in fact, a newspaper and not a ad agency, the LA Times was really giving the hard sell for these limited edition bags in Sunday’s paper:

The sturdy tote comes in three sizes ($875 to $965) in the traditional Louis Vuitton Damier canvas with natural-colored leather handles. On the side is an oversized “LV” in psychedelic colors, emblazoned with a pair of hands and smiling flowers. This singular image is even more distinctive than the all-over logo and cherry prints the artist created for the luxury goods firm a few years back, elevating this bag even more into the realm of high art.

There are drawstrings on either side of the bag, and a strap that clips across the top to keep belongings safe. The lining is a cheery-pink canvas, and the inside pocket is big enough for a cellphone and BlackBerry. It’s a cute knock-around-town-on-a-Saturday bag, though it would be nice if there were feet on the base to keep it from getting dirty.

Um, okay, but feet or no feet Murakami or no Murakami, I still don’t like them. Seriously, after having to look at Jessica Simpson walking around with that LV bag for I don’t know how long and then every sweats-wearing woman at the airport proudly clutching her fake thereafter, if I never see another Louis V bag again, it will be too soon.

I am however very psyched for the actual exhibit and Murakami’s non-purse related work, which looks RAD:



I plan to go this weekend and hit up the non-Louis Vuitton souvenirs. I will report soon.

Photos from Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot and


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