I’ve Had it with Celebrity Clothing Lines. That Means You, Pete Wentz!
Friday, October 26, 2007, 06:00 k
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As long as I live, I will never understand the whole celebrities as “fashion designers” phenomenon. Who in their right mind would want to own a piece by Amanda Bynes? And by “piece” I mean a poorly constructed pink hoodie with lightning bolts or rainbows and moon shadows.

I think my favorite example of a celebrity line is Alyssa Milano’s “Touched,” a collection of baseball-theme clothes for women (yes, if my religious reading of Bop magazine serves me well, I do remember that she’s  big into baseball). Here’s a sampling:



I get that she wants to get paid (although the money from two syndicated television shows and a score of Japanese pop albums should be enough for anyone), and I accept that there’s a niche audience of women who desire “sexy” stuff to wear to the ballpark, but still, it’s so unnecessary.

Just like Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Bitten,” Jessica Alba’s upcoming baby clothes line, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s “Enhance,” Hilary Duff’s “Stuff,” Reba McIntire’s “Reba,” and especially Beyonce’s “House of Dereon.”



It’s a shame that real, struggling designers are losing opportunities thanks to these terrible lines. It also sucks that those who are really behind these celebrity vanity projects are forced to cater to the creative whims of actresses and singers who’ve decided making clothes is fun regardless of actual talent or training.

One of the most recent, and perhaps offensive lines, is Pete Wentz’ “Clandestine Industries.” Are we really suppose to trust the tastes of someone who’s taken Ashley Simpson as a lover? And even apart from her, he’s got enough egregious crimes–namely his band and his fashion sense–to answer for. Plus, he’s just taking advantage of all the black sweatshirt wearing, mildly depressed pubescent girls who want his emo bod and soul and will spend their guilty parent’s money on anything Wentz related.
Here’s an example of what they’re laying down $24.95 for:


I rest my case.

Support a real designer.

-V. Thread

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I agree with you regarding a lot of these collections. You didn’t mention Jennifer Lopez, but her fashion is still quite good, especially with her new “Just Sweet” line.

Comment by Len

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lol i have that shirt and pretty much all the sweaters he designs and 2 necklaces! he is my idol and i Love the syle he wears so why not buy this stuff it’s amazing.

Comment by falloutboyfan

AY! You bought that shirt? Why?

Don’t wear it anymore.

Trust me.

Comment by threadtrend

By the way…He just got engaged to Ashley Simpson….We all agree she’s stupid? or is he?

Comment by threadtrend

pete isnt engaged to ashlee.
dont start rumors.
the tabloids do enough of that.

Comment by Sami


Comment by peach

Did you know that the actual celebrity label doesn’t make much difference when people buy celebrity clothing?


Comment by asleepintheclouds

[…] Celebrity designers are nothing new, but can you believe the Dalai Lama is getting in on the act!?!?  Fashionista reports that the His Holiness will be working with Tonic, the do-gooder fashion label that forks over about 40% of their revenue to charities, to create a signature t-shirt line to be released in October.  A big chunk of the moola will go to causes chosen by the Dalai Lama. […]

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fuck you. let them do what they want. dont pay attention to it, if it bothers you that much. oh, and FALL OUT BOY ROCKS!!!so shut the fuck up, and quit your complaining!!!!

Comment by alicia

You are a FUCKING idiot. Clandestine Industries is a great collection and is actually really popular. That “Break Dance Not Hearts” shirt is not the best of the line. But if you mosey on over to you’ll find some really awesome hoodie’s and tee’s. And no I’m not a “black sweatshirt wearing, mildly depressed pubescent girl”. I AM a Fall Out Boy fan and I did come across Clandestine Industries through that. But if I didn’t find them atleast a little bit appealing then I would not have jsut bought 5 items.
This post was ridiculous.

Comment by Kristen

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