LA Fashion Week 08: Grey Ant Blows My Mind

My second night at LA Fashion Week completely pummeled my first. Grey Ant totally did it for me and in a big way. I read on Fashion Week Daily that Grant Grajecki’s inspiration for the line was “a fantasy future set in Seattle, kind of like the movie The Neverending Story, with a little erotic Bob Fosse technique.” Jesus, Grajecki and I are totally on the same wavelength!

I liked the hippie meets the future vibe and the way structured silhouettes collided with big and comfy tops. Tye die was also part of the mix as was Divine’s screaming mug in the form of a silkscreened top and body suit. The Grey Ant signature high waist was all around in the form of trousers, jeans, and shorts, and even the guys had denim up to their belly buttons. Sexy! I wanted some of the pieces so much, my heart cried out with aching passion, and still does.

I’m posting some photos I found, but honestly, I don’t think the images do the collection justice. In person, the line inspired gasps and cheers from the audience as did the models’ varied body types, ages and gender identities.



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